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Getting here

Search South Beach Reserve in Google Maps and it will bring you to the festival site! St Kilda is located 20 minutes from Melbourne CBD and can be accessed by taxi, car or shuttle bus.


There are a number of shuttle buses that you can book in advance and many that you can catch once you arrive in Melbourne, which will take you to your accommodation.


No. 16 tram from Swanston Street, No. 96 from Bourke Street, or No. 12 from Collins Street (around 25 minutes) to St Kilda; No. 3 from Swanston Street to Carlisle Street (around 35 minutes) and Alma Road (around 40 minutes).

Trams run approximately every 10 minutes between 5.30am and 1.30am.

More information on trams can be found here:

Timetables available HERE


Once here, bicycle is a great way to get around. St Kilda has dedicated bike tracks along the foreshore which allows you to enjoy the sights, the food and the beach by bike, without leaving the bike track.

Melbourne Bike Share is designed for short trips around St Kilda and the city. If you would like to hire a bike for a day, you can purchase a subscription that suits you, take a bike when you need it and then return it to one of the 50 bike stations throughout the city. In St Kilda there are bike stations on Fitzroy Street, Cleve Street and outside Luna Park.

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